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flower planter woodblock

flower planter woodblock

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A great size raised garden bed that offers an attractive wooden design to get growing. Its length and width create huge possibilities in terms of planting – a long flower border perhaps, or a vegetable bed for a serious grower. It’s also deep enough to plant fruit trees or bushes, and could be put at the base of a fence onto which the trees could be trained as espaliers, fans or cordons. Originally created as a bespoke design for a customer, this is now one of our most popular sizes.

🌱 Versatile Extended-Length Raised Garden Bed: Ideal for Serious Growers and Creative Planting 🌿

A large raised garden bed is more than just a place to grow plants; it's the centerpiece of your outdoor space, a canvas for your gardening creativity, and a provider of fresh, home-grown produce. Our extended-length raised garden bed is designed to meet all your gardening needs, offering not just functionality but also aesthetic appeal with its attractive wooden design.

The extended length and width of our raised garden bed offer endless possibilities for planting. Whether you're dreaming of a long flower border that bursts with color, envisioning a vegetable bed that can satisfy even the most serious growers, or planning to plant fruit trees or bushes, this garden bed can accommodate it all.

Originally designed as a bespoke solution for a customer, this size has become one of our most popular offerings. And it's no wonder why – its versatility knows no bounds. The ample space provided by its extended length and width allows you to explore various gardening options and get truly creative with your outdoor space.

For those who take their gardening seriously, this raised garden bed is a dream come true. Its size and depth make it ideal for cultivating a wide variety of plants, from herbs and vegetables to flowers and even small fruit trees. The raised design also makes it easier to tend to your plants, reducing the strain on your back and knees as you weed, water, and harvest.

Aside from its practicality, our raised garden bed also adds a touch of beauty to your outdoor space. Crafted from high-quality wood, it boasts an attractive design that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any garden or yard. Whether you choose to plant vibrant flowers, lush greenery, or bountiful vegetables, this garden bed will provide a stunning backdrop for your plants to thrive.

The possibilities are truly endless with our extended-length raised garden bed. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Long Flower Border: Create a stunning display of color and fragrance with a long flower border that stretches the length of your garden.

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